Hulled wheat

For the original’s taste lovers The hulled wheat has excellent nutritional features: it has fibres, vitamins and many others nourishing characteristics, perfect for our health.

Burned grain’s flour

The burned grain’s flour is a traditional product from Puglia, precisely from Canosa di Puglia, and it comes from the toasting process of wheat. It has very ancient origins. After harvesting the wheat, the farmers used to burn the stubbles. The grain was then milled and mixed with the white flour. Now, instead, the grain is simply toasted. From this process the flour becomes dark and when mixed to the white flour, gives life to typical product which has a smoky and toasted taste. We decided to retrieve this ancient recipe from Canosa to give a more original feature to our tempura.

Whole wheat

Whole wheat is a natural product known to be healthy and with a strong flavour and amber colour. It’s the ideal product for the lovers of rural taste and flavours.


Spices and flavorings

Nero di Troia

The Nero di Troia wine, another ancient product of our land, is depicted in many legends. Some of these tells that the Greek Diomede, whilst sailing through Ofanto’s river, grew grapevines which he took from Asia. The name Troia’s grape becomes very popular and the favourite grapes and wine of Federico II, King of Swabia. Although this might not be true, such legend gives life to the wine which comes from the Troia’s grapes and becomes one of the most important local products. The dark red and intense colour gives an extra strong flavour to our tempura.

Turmeric and black pepper

One of the most flavoured innovations. We decided to join our traditional cousine and products with the Oriental spices and flavour. The turmeric, a traditional asiatic spice, when next to the black pepper, gives an extra and interesting flavour. Both these spices when mixed to the white flour give extra flavour and colour to our tempura.