A long story…

between gardens, woods and aromatic herbs

Di Tria’s family was born in the picturesque landscape of Minervino Murge. Since the beginning, the love for the ground brings to the birth of a growing and well-established traditional farm. The Di Tria Farm and Company was then born, in 1991, between Minervino Murge’s hills, rural lands and surronded by aromatic grass. Around it there was a blooming vegetable garden with courgettes, peppers, cabbage and the typical “cime di rapa”. Di Tria Antonio’s farm and the love for the ground moves him to grow a typical and exclusive product in the Murge’s land: the cardoncelli mushrooms. Isabella, Antonio Di Tria’s daughter, sharing the same passion of his father, decides to carry on his work. And she does that in the best way ever, helped by her experienced husband Dino, who has worked for years in the hospitality field.

The Company

Transformation and Agriculture 2.0

Taking advantage from her own experience of working in the family’s farm, Isabella makes impressive changes to the family company. Using the natural products available to her, she gives birth to a new way to promote and protect the valuable gastronomic treasure of the Puglia’s land.


Close … it’s better

Foresight, stubbornnes, attention to quality and respect of the natural grown time of the products, give life to the Filiera Zero’s concept. It’s a practice that transform the products. The company, in fact, guarantees freshness and good quality thanks to the fact that the products are grown and taken to the near transformation unit.